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3 Reasons We’re Excited About Red Dead Redemption 2

Get ready for your old, rusty revolver, as we prepare for the upcoming sequel to the old-fashioned Western open-world Red Dead Redemption. Whether it’s about a game coming from the popular publisher Rockstar Games or a sequel everyone has been waiting for years since PS3 era, there are plenty of reasons to be excited and hyped for!

Here are the reasons we’re excited about Red Dead Redemption 2

It has the biggest open world map

One thing we’re really excited about Red Dead Redemption 2 is not the new stunning graphics nor the new gameplay mechanics – It’s its map. From what Rockstar Games claims, Red Dead Redemption 2 has the biggest open world in the gaming history!

It’s an old Western open-world game

It’s been years since we haven’t seen a game that brings you back to a time where nature and lawless bandits existed. Well, Rockstar Games is going to release for everyone on October 26th

Why? It’s because of Rockstar Games!

Rockstar Games is one of the best video game publishers (or maybe should I say the best publisher?) in gaming history. Since Grand Theft Auto made its debut in 1997, there’s no a single gamer hasn’t heard of the name Rockstar.

These are the top three reasons we’re hyped for. If you still haven’t made a pre-order for this game yet, we urge you to do soon for these three reasons. If we still can’t convince you with these, the reviews will be out soon, and when they’re out, they will be listed here.

Here’s an awesome launch trailer released a few days ago