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The Top 8 Gaming Accessories to Get in 2018

It goes without saying that your gaming gear plays a huge role in your gaming experience. It will contribute significantly to your overall skills in addition to making your gaming experience smoother. It could also potentially give you an edge against your competition. For this reason, having the best gaming accessories will definitely boost your gaming experience in this direction. To help you in the search, here is our list of the best gaming accessories.

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset

There is no disputing how significant sound is to the gaming experience and getting one of these headsets will cement that. This headset offers deep bass and crisp highs that will enhance your PC games. It also creates an immersive atmosphere that will give you the illusion that you are in the game. Your efficiency in the game will also shoot a tad higher as the improved sounds make it easy to spot your foe. As for the online gamers, the mic that comes alongside will amplify your social experience by enabling you to speak with the teammates.

Xbox One Elite Controller

In recent years, we have seen an evolution in controllers, and the Xbox One Elite Controller is arguably leading the pack. For starters, it is designed to adapt to the size of your hand and playstyle as it has configurations which boost your speed and accuracy. It comes with a variety of thumbsticks and D-pads for your choosing. It also boasts of a hair trigger locks feature which allows you to fire faster while saving time each time you pull the trigger. You can also customize your experience using the app. Check out the review at TechRadar for their insights on Xbox One Elite Controller.

Logitech G29 Racing Wheel

For the car racers, this is a must-have accessory. This racing wheel will give you the illusion that you are truly behind the wheel of a racing car as opposed to when you are using a handheld controller. It has six-speed shifters and a push-down reverse gear that simulates real-life driving experience. And did I mention the steering that boasts of clutch, gas and brake pedals for full throttle? If you love car games, then this is the accessory though it is exclusive to the PS3 and PS4.

Best Place for Gaming Deals

For the most updated gaming deals, GamingGuideTips is our top recommendation for you to take advantage of the latest deals on video games, so you could get the most of your purchase. Make sure to follow Their Facebook (Google Plus was officially shut down on on April 2, 2019) and Tumblr if you wish to get the latest gaming deals constantly.

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Gamers who use gaming keyboards will sing like a bird about the significance of programmable macro keys in ensuring victory. Well, this keyboard has 6 macro keys that are fully-programmable. It also allows you to access your audio directly without a hitch to your game. The tilt adjustment will ensure that you are comfortable during the long play sessions in addition to the wrist rest made of soft rubber. It has dynamic lighting for lighting effects and keys are quiet giving one a satisfying feel.

Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse

For the MMO diehard, this mouse is fashioned with you in mind. In fact, it is designed for this genre and is popular for the colorful lighting, wireless capabilities, and incredible performance. Its software is easy to use and the wireless range is great. However, non-MMO players might not fancy it so much. TomsGuide may give the details you need to decide with their review on Razer Naga Epic gaming mouse.

Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai

Fighting game connoisseurs know how important controllers are to the gaming experience. While some prefer a fight pad, others prefer an arcade stick, this arcade stick will do fine for both. It has a high-quality stick with responsive controls, turbo fire as well as useful capabilities that are tailored for the PS4. Though it falls short of cool features compared with other competing sticks, it still enables you to put into place your best fighting moves. PushSquare has a detailed review on the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai which describes every single detail of this gaming product.

Gamer Gloves EPG

Sweaty hands are some of the hurdles that gamers have to deal with especially marathoner gamers. To counter this is these gamer gloves that will boost your grip of the controller. They have moisture wicking material that will help you maintain your grip of your controller and of course give you an edge over your competitors.

BenQ XL2420G Gaming Monitor

This gaming monitor has features that will improve your gaming experience. It has an adjustable stand that enables you to position the screen however you like and also gives you access to the rear ports. It also has good picture quality, a G-Sync performance that is smooth and the remote control is handy.

Your gaming experience need not be inhibited any more. With these accessories, you will be on your way to gamer stardom.