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Why do you Blog?

Because I like to write and the brief nature of blogs suits me. Blogging is a way to share interesting tidbits I come across. Mostly, it’s fun.

How do you choose Blog topics?

At first, my intention was to blog topics more directed at sharing opinions on games. What has ended up happening is that I blog about what interests me in all realms, not just the gaming realm (gaming is still the main focus). Ultimately, most of the blog material herein affects people generally which affects their work-life. The new trends in the gaming world bored me–it all seems rehashed. If something pops up that I think is worthwhile, I share it. Just to illustrate the banality of business buzzwords: “diversity” has given way to “inclusion” training. See, aren’t you bored already?

I hate politics, sports, Tolkien, world events, Texas, children, etc.


What do you do besides Blogging and Gaming?

My family and close friends think blogging and gaming are all I do and cites as evidence that my room is covered in dust.

You are so opinionated. It makes me uncomfortable

Aw, that’s too bad.

I’m just a man in the world.. My opinions do not represent anyone but me and are subject to change when I will be equally convinced of my opinion then. Feel free to disagree! One problem I see these days is that opinionated discourse is dismissed based on style rather than on content. My hope is to be thought-provoking and funny every once in a while, though I admit that I’m the least funny person I know.
I believe that each person is individually responsible for his or her life and that when the government does for a person what could be done for him/herself, it takes away the will to live. The internet is a truly free frontier unless you live a totalitarian regime. I’m free to say what I think. You’re free to read. Or not.