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I can be reached at

General policy: Unless you specifically ask me to not publish your name, I can and will include it should I write about you or your topic in a blog.

Rules: You can say what you want to, as long as it’s civilized and sticks to the argument. I can delete what I want to for any reason whatsoever. Please keep in mind that Sitemeter keeps track of your IP and location. There is no such thing as anonymity so don’t be an idiot even if you want to post under a pseudonym, which is fine with me.

Privacy: I will not publish your email address or share your information with third parties except in the following circumstances: you’re an abusive a-hole in which case all bets are off or my site administrator or one of his agents needs to work on the site. Otherwise, the information you disclose when you register is between you and me.

These policies are subject to change and it’s assumed, if you read and comment here, that you’ve read this.